About Us

Chapman House is a group of treatment centers with the culmination of over 38 years of successfully treating addiction, America’s most neglected disease. Chapman House Behavioral Health Centers provide medication-assisted drug & alcohol detoxification as well as a full spectrum of evidence based behavioral and modern therapeutic rehabilitation programs for both adults and teenagers. Our primary goal is to instill a permanent lifestyle away from drug and alcohol dependence using the most modern and proven treatment modalities.


Our newly renovated campus provides a comfortable atmosphere to aid in the recovery process. Programs include medication-assisted detox, inpatient residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and a special curriculum for patients with a dual-diagnosis. Our founder Tim Chapman developed the curriculum for all our programs and continues to play an active role in their ongoing evolution. New developments in medication-assisted treatments and cognitive behavioral therapy are made available to each of our patients and our recovery staff are available 24/7 to provide one-on-one counseling throughout your stay.


With 35+ years experience in the profession of addiction and behavioral treatment, Tim is a national leader and sought after speaker. He is a professional Interventionist and trained at the original “Johnson Institute” of Minnesota under the renowned Vernon Johnson.

Timothy Chapman, MA, CATC IV, MSC.D
Executive Director

Dan is a professional Interventionist and Certified Addictions Specialist with over 20 years experience. He has been part of the team for those two decades. Dan is the Clinical Director and he has contributed to the entire therapeutic program at Chapman House. Dan is also a specialist in Opiate Detox, treatment and related disorders. As an Interventionist, Dan is 98% successful in convincing those who need help, yet refuse to accept it, to enter treatment despite their opposition.

If your loved one needs help, yet, refuses to acknowledge it; Dan will change that in one meeting; guaranteed!

Daniel Chapman, CATC
Clinical Director

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Lauren Ashley Shapiro

Esther holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and a degree from the University of Oxford, UK. Esther oversees the entire business operation of Chapman House, all the while working as a clinician for our women attending our program whom suffer from mild to severe mental illness.

Esther Chapman, MA, CATC IV

Berril is a Certified Administrator and the engine behind all Chapman House operations. Berril is originally from Belize (our next destination for Chapman House) and has a work ethic that exemplifies the best in service to others. Berril ahs been with Chapman House for over a decade and is a patient advocate and support person to the entire staff and its smooth operations.

Berril Coakley
State Certified Administrator

Mary is a dedicated staff member whose gut-level response, and no-nonsense approach to addicts who are well versed in manipulation, blocks, challenges and holds them accountable. Mary possesses a gift that has been missing in addiction treatment for many years; direct “tell them like it is” honesty. Mary holds her degree from the “University of Hard Knocks”. As a recovery addict; she personifies a day-to-day bond with our patients, and they love her for it!

Mary Veneble, RAD-1
Intake Coordinator

Dr. Tucker is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California. He has worked with Chapman House for over 35 years and is a renowned psychologist, known in all circles of his profession throughout California and beyond. He is the author of the book “Troubled Teenagers, It’s not always the parent’s fault”.

George Tucker, PH.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Casey is responsible for all things HR and Chapman house and day to day operations of the facility and all contracts included. In his free time he likes to spend time with his family, especially his daughters.

Casey Wasinack
Director of Operations & HR

Sharon meets with clients weekly for individual sessions and work on helping clients to overcome their addictions by teaching them healthy coping and relapse prevention skills. Her favorite part about working for Chapman house is getting the chance to help others who are struggling in their addictions get the help they need and find Hope once again.

Sharon Wilson

Jackie is the Chief Administrative Officer for Chapman House. She has worked with Chapman House for over 30 years. Jackie brings a wealth of experience and motivation to our team. Jackie’s father was the first member of Secure Horizons. Jackie is an empathic and highly experienced and a respected leader in this industry.

Jackie Catlin
Vice President of Corrections
Jenni Busse
Simple, our program works! It is the only program of its kind that actually deals with the emotional state of an addicted individual. Chapman House is equipped with a highly trained clinical staff. While most treatment programs are only equipped to address patients on an educational level; Chapman House creates custom treatment plans for each of our patients. Our approach addresses both the physical symptoms of withdrawal and the emotional needs of each person.