Intervention Program

Vernon Johnson, a clinician out of Minnesota, originally developed the “Intervention” process. Our Founder trained directly under Vernon Johnson in the early 1970’s.

chapman house intervention program

We still perform this near flawless approach today; assisting families to convince their loved one to accept treatment immediately. Perhaps have seen   Intervention” the Reality Television Program. We conduct this process without the hysterics of a television production. We conduct it confidentially, and we train the family on how to handle themselves during a heated session, if it comes to that.



First, we educate your family on the nature and process of addiction, as well as, co-occurring disorders.



Second, We help you write and edit your own observations of your loved one’s destructive behavior prior to the intervention. You will walk into the intervention aware, prepared, and supported, by our trained Interventionist.



Thirdly, We maintain a 96% success rate when we conduct Interventions.



Lastly, Our trained, clinical-intervention staff, will escort your loved one to our treatment facility from anywhere in the world. The family does not have to carry that burden during this emotional time. We do it all for you!

looking to stage an intervention? We are here to help