Our Approach

Chapman House is a group of treatment centers with the culmination of over 38 years of successfully treating addiction, America’s most neglected disease. Chapman House Behavioral Health Centers provide medication-assisted drug & alcohol detoxification as well as a full spectrum of evidence based behavioral and modern therapeutic rehabilitation programs for both adults and teenagers.


Our primary goal is to instill a permanent lifestyle away from drug and alcohol dependence using the most modern and proven treatment modalities. “Chapman House treatment centers have significantly raised the bar for the level of care and recovery rates unmatched by other centers throughout the United States.”

Our newly renovated campus provides a comfortable atmosphere to aid in the recovery process. Programs include medication-assisted detox, inpatient residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and a special curriculum for patients with a dual-diagnosis. Our founder Tim Chapman developed the curriculum for all our programs and continues to play an active role in their ongoing evolution. New developments in medication-assisted treatments and cognitive behavioral therapy are made available to each of our patients and our recovery staff are available 24/7 to provide one-on-one counseling throughout your stay.

Tim Chapman’s Theory of

Chapman developed this theory in 1999 after twenty years of research and practice in over 5 hospitals and 7 outpatient clinics from California to Hong Kong. He realized there were certain elements of recovery that if one realized and practiced; they would have a simple guide to help shed their addiction and achieve recovery.

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