The Cocaine Threat in Orange County
According to the 2017 Drug Threat Assessment 2017 released by the Drug Enforcement Agency, the availability and use of cocaine in the United States is increasing. In fact, the DEA reports that cocaine may be a bigger threat than it...
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Why California Needs More Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment
“The government is talking about treatment and medication-assisted treatment in a way that the government has never done before.” ~ Tom Hill, National Council for Behavioral Health, Vice-President of Addiction and Recovery The good news is addiction is FINALLY recognized...
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Anaheim Police to Drug Addicts: We Will Help You
“Drug addiction plays far too large a role in criminal activity, and we must collectively do everything that we can to reduce the number of people in our families, neighborhoods and community suffering from this physical and emotional dependency” ~Anaheim...
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Can I Keep My Job While I Recover from Addiction?
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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 75% of people with substance abuse disorders have a job, but less than 10% ever get treatment for their illness. How Worrying about Your Job Can Be a Barrier to...
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California Women Face Unique Challenges During Recovery
“There is no single point in a woman’s life when a discussion of substance use or abuse is not relevant. Each stage of life offers unique challenges that can lead to addiction. And each stage poses unique risks to the...
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